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WriteHuman Review: Is WriteHuman Really Work Against AI Detectors?

As AI-crafted content continues to gain traction, so do methods for its detection. In this context, we turn our attention to WriteHuman, an untraceable AI authoring tool designed to convert AI-written content in a manner that can bypass prominent AI detection utilities.

But does WriteHuman truly measure up to its claims, or are there superior alternatives available online? Let's delve into our exhaustive WriteHuman review to find out.

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An Introduction to WriteHuman

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WriteHuman is a web-based AI text humanizer employing Natural Language Processing (NLP) to rewrite AI-generated material, making the text undetectable by widely-used AI detectors. Established by Ivan Jackson in 2024, the platform provides straightforward AI bypassing services with both complimentary and premium options for users.

The Features of WriteHuman

  • User-friendly and uncomplicated interface
  • Capability to bypass ZeroGPT, Turnitin, and others
  • Utilization of Natural Language Processing
  • Incorporated AI detection
  • Offers 3 free usages per month

Is WriteHuman Effective in Bypassing AI Detection?

In order to demonstrate whether WriteHuman can successfully bypass AI detection, we'll outline how a typical content creation workflow would operate using the service. Let's first navigate to ChatGPT and have it generate some text. In this case, we'll request ChatGPT to produce a brief article about parenting.

image9 (8).jpg

While the initial text may appear satisfactory, there’s a possibility that AI detection software might categorize the piece as AI-produced. Thus, we'd copy the full text, paste it into WriteHuman, and let the platform transform the AI-developed text into the more human-like one. Here’s what we get:

image5 (6).jpg

Be aware that free users have a limited quota of three outputs per month. Currently, the in-built AI detector displays the rewritten content as having a human score of 99.3%, implying it should be undetectable at this stage. But, is that the case?

To authenticate how "human-like" the text is, the revised piece will be subjected to multiple AI detectors.

WriteHuman Versus Originality.ai

Feeding the reformed text to Originality.ai reveals that the content doesn't appear human-authored. In fact, Originality.ai assigns a score of 9% original and 91% AI to the piece. Meaning, there's a 91% certainty that the content is AI-produced, indicating that it's likely to be identified as such by other AI detection tools as well.

image2 (4).jpg

WriteHuman Versus GPTZero

GPTZero presents results strikingly akin to those from Originality.ai. The entire text is highlighted, insinuating that all sentences are marked as "likely AI-generated." Merely 1% less than Originality.ai's results, GPTZero concludes that there's a 90% likelihood that the content is AI-generated.

image4 (4).jpg

A noteworthy aspect about GPTZero is its capacity to label content as "mixed," an amalgamation of AI-crafted and human-composed content. This could occur when sentence structures don't seem AI-made but aren't natural enough to pass as human-written content.

WriteHuman Versus Copyleaks

Copyleaks may not provide detailed feedback like the others, but it flagged every single line of the article in red, which unequivocally suggests that the text was produced by an AI.

image3 (4).jpg

BypassAI: A Superior Alternative to WriteHuman


Given the results of the WriteHuman examination above, it appears more advantageous to count on humans for creating your content rather than utilizing the tool for dodging AI detection. Its embedded AI detector seems to portray misleading outcomes, creating an illusion of security within the results when in truth, the revamped material is still AI-orchestrated as with the initial content.

But fret not! There exist superior alternatives, and that’s precisely where BypassAI steps in. Framed as an untraceable AI humanizer, BypassAI functions similarly to WriteHuman but outperforms it with its advanced features. To begin with, the material it creates can genuinely bypass AI detection, as the tool can humanize text produced by popular generative AI platforms like ChatGPT, Bard, and Jasper.

Equipped with cutting-edge AI text humanization technology, BypassAI is capable of making AI-created content undetectable, proving effective for multiple top-tier AI detectors such as GPTZero and Originality.ai. You'll have a chance to review this shortly. An added advantage is that all the humanized content remains plagiarism-free, thereby exempting you from any legal drawbacks resulting from the software use.

The Distinctive Features of BypassAI

  • Accommodates text content birthed from ChatGPT, GPT-4, among others
  • Employs sophisticated text humanization technology for AI text translation
  • Possesses the capability to dodge renowned AI detectors
  • Produces content without any traces of plagiarism
  • Maintains the original semantics of the text
  • Offers customization alternatives for evading AI detection
  • Ensures results are SEO-compatible

Does BypassAI Outperform WriteHuman in Evading AI Detection?

In our aim to demonstrate the superior ability of BypassAI to slip past AI detectors, we'll conduct a test using the identical article from ChatGPT we used in the WriteHuman tests, but instead, we'll humanize it applying the BypassAI software. Here's the resultant text:


Whilst the yielded text appears suitable at present, we will only ascertain its undetectability after it has been run directly through multiple AI detectors.

How Does BypassAI Fare Against Originality.ai?

Much unlike the outcomes by WriteHuman, BypassAI largely succeeds when faced against Originality.ai. Originality.ai endowed the text with a 90% human score when analyzing it with its current 2.0 model, thereby expressing high confidence in the text being a product of human intellect.

image8 (6).jpg

Whilst an AI score of 10% might be misinterpreted, it doesn't imply that the article has a 10% AI contribution; rather, Originality.ai is only 10% convinced about the human origin of the text, whereas it displays 90% belief in the text being a unique creation.

BypassAI Vs. GPTZero

Our evaluation results through GPTZero are even more encouraging than those from Originality.ai. The AI detector is wholly assured that the text is devoid of all AI-derived content, affirming with 100% confidence about the article being penned by a human.

image6 (5).jpg

Not even a single sentence is flagged as having AI origin, which implies that the holistic piece seems to be authored by a human. While a 4% chance of mixed content is mentioned by GPTZero, the AI score stands at a promising 0%, implying only good news.

BypassAI Put to the Test with Copyleaks

Copyleaks endorses the same verdict as GPTZero, tagging the text as purely human-derived, devoid of any AI-produced content.

image10 (5).jpg

WriteHuman or BypassAI: A Snapshot Comparison

Here's a succinct wrap-up of the evaluations conducted on both WriteHuman and BypassAI:

AI Detectors Outcome from WriteHuman Results from BypassAI
Originality.ai 9% Human, 91% AI 90% Human, 10% AI
GPTZero 6% Human, 4% Mixed, 90% AI 96% Human, 4% Mixed, 0% AI
Copyleaks AI-Constructed Human-Penned

A cursory glance at these results tells us that BypassAI emerges as the clear victor by a significant distance. Despite boasting a 99.3% score on its website, WriteHuman's content fell short in all three examinations, whereas BypassAI emerged triumphant in all.

From these findings, it becomes unambiguous which AI humanizer takes the top spot. BypassAI far outdoes WriteHuman, and the disparity isn’t even negligible. Underlined by an array of other features, all resting upon an already steadfast foundation, BypassAI is the smarter choice among the two utilities.


AI humanizers are commendable assets for refining your work process if you rely on AI to bolster your content generation. However, this holds true only if the humanized content can truly outwit AI detectors. Despite WriteHuman touting a high human score, it fell glaringly short in our evaluation, thereby making it tough to recommend to neophytes.

Our assessment of WriteHuman clarifies that if your quest involves finding a foolproof, undetectable AI writer that can slip past any AI detectors, you'll desire more than just efficacy. You'll also need convenience and a wealth of valuable features. Tools like BypassAI are clearly more advantageous, more so if you plan to include the use of AI humanizers in your long-term workflow.

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