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  • Does BypassAI Surpass in Eluding Detectors?

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StealthWriter Review: Can It Bypass All AI Detectors?

StealthWriter stands as one of the numerous undetectable AI writing tools that have surfaced during recent times. It boasts the ability to recast AI-produced text into unique, human-like content, undetectable by any AI detection tools.

However, is it as effective as it proclaims? Does it live up to expectations when actually put under scrutiny? This comprehensive review of StealthWriter intends to address these queries and more, offering vital information necessary to sidestep AI content filters.

Effortlessly Outsmart AI Detectors with BypassAI

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Understanding StealthWriter


StealthWriter stands as an camouflaged AI writing utility. It targets to recraft AI prose into language that resonates and appears strikingly human, rendering it stealthy to AI filtering systems. It affords two distinctive user settings - Humanizer and Generator.

The Humanizer setting permits users to recast AI-originating content using a specially formulated AI textual processing motor meant to infuse more human-like essence. On the other hand, the Generator setting gives users the ability to spawn completely new AI prose starting from a plain prompt.

StealthWriter presents two distinct packages, namely Ninja and Ghost, with the "Ninja" package as the free option and "Ghost" as the upgraded variant. As per StealthWriter's official site, the Ninja version has the capability to outsmart "most detectors," whereas the Ghost version can maneuver even the most sophisticated detectors such as Originality.AI and Turnitin.

Incepted in 2023, StealthWriter also possesses its proprietary AI detector. It alleges that it can detect text penned by foremost AI tools like ChatGPT, Bing Chat, and Bard with an accuracy rate of 99.6%.

Highlighting StealthWriter’s Features

Prime highlights of StealthWriter encompass:

  • Potential to render AI-created content more human-like
  • Ability to create new camouflaged AI content based on user prompts
  • Variable levels of humanization
  • Incorporated AI examination tool
  • Generation of plagiarism-proof content
  • Offers multiple humanized drafts for user selection
  • Elimination of typographical errors and other mistakes

Is StealthWriter Successful in Outsmarting AI Detection?

The primary query most people have about camouflaged AI writing utilities like StealthWriter is "Can it really outwit AI detectors?" To answer this crucial query, we decided to conduct our examination, taking a sample text "humanized" by StealthWriter and assessing its effectiveness against industry-leading AI scanning tools, such as Originality.AI and GPTZero.

For our evaluation, we first approached ChatGPT and requested a simple piece on global warming. Here's what we obtained:


We proceeded to input this text from ChatGPT into StealthWriter, instructing it to humanize the content and render it undetectable. If StealthWriter genuinely is an undetectable AI writer as it boasts, it should achieve the task of morphing a ChatGPT article like this and enable it to evade any AI detection system. Here is the humanized result directly out of StealthWriter:


Upon receiving our "humanized" text, it was time to scrutinize it, running it across three of the best AI detection implements in the market at present: Originality.AI, GPTZero, and Copyleaks.

The Face-Off Between StealthWriter and Originality.AI

When pitted against Originality.AI, StealthWriter truly stumbled. The provided text was almost solely identified as AI-generated, with a meager 18% rating for original (human) content.


StealthWriter's Performance Against GPTZero

In its encounter with GPTZero, StealthWriter again faltered. The outcome was extremely disappointing, with more than 80% of the text being categorized as AI-written and merely 10% being classified as human. This distressingly low grading contradicts the assertions promoted on StealthWriter's website about effortlessly evading most detectors.


StealthWriter's Face-Off Against Copyleaks

In the last of our tests, utilizing Copyleaks, StealthWriter failed yet again. The material it produced was labeled "AI Content" by this tool.


A Superior Alternative – BypassAI


As demonstrated by the outcomes above, StealthWriter clearly doesn't live up to its proclamations. The official web page spreads the narrative of StealthWriter's ability to outmaneuver almost any detector and achieve high human-level scores. However, in reality, it couldn't outpace any of the three detectors we evaluated.

Consequently, should you be in pursuit of an AI writing tool that can genuinely deliver in being undetectable, you'll need to consider alternatives. For this purpose, BypassAI could be an apt choice. This utility truly succeeds in creating authentic, human-grade content that remains undetectable by major detectors, ranging from Originality.ai to GPTZero.

Employing the most recent AI text humanization technology, BypassAI can infuse human-like qualities into any form of content from popular generative AI language models (like ChatGPT, Bard, and so on), aiding users in attaining the highest possible 100% human scores in order to circumvent AI content detection.

Furthermore, another advantage it has over other stealth writing tools is that the content BypassAI generates doesn't raise flags for plagiarism. Additionally, it boasts numerous other beneficial features, as enumerated below.

Main Features of BypassAI

The major highlighted features of BypassAI include:

  • Capability to instantly humanize any AI-constructed text
  • Ability to evade all major AI detection systems
  • Achievement of impeccable 100% human ratings
  • Preserves the original intent and message of the author
  • SEO optimization of the resultant text
  • Incorporated AI checker
  • Multilingual support, operating in over 50 languages
  • Elimination of ChatGPT watermarks
  • Superior spam prevention

Does BypassAI Surpass in Eluding Detectors?

It's one thing to assert that BypassAI is a stronger competitor than StealthWriter, but it's much more impactful to provide evidence supporting the claim. Therefore, to instantiate that BypassAI is a more dependable and effective undetectable writer, we will once again subject it to the test.

We retook the text from ChatGPT and input it into BypassAI. Here is the humanized output it yielded:


Battle Between BypassAI and Originality.AI

In the initial trial, up against one of the hardest AI detectors to fool, BypassAI far outperformed StealthWriter. The human score it garnered on Originality.AI was a solid 88%, with only 12% of the text deemed as AI-written. Achieving a perfect score on Originality is a tough feat, making this one of the most commendable ratings users can aim for with an undetectable AI writer.


Score of BypassAI Against GPTZero

In the subsequent trial, against GPTZero, BypassAI exhibited even better performance. It clocked an almost perfect score, with 95% of the text labeled as human-written, 5% attributed as "Mixed" and 0% as AI. This is one of the highest scores achievable on an AI detector like GPTZero, further validating that BypassAI is significantly more competent at eluding detection than StealthWriter.


Trail of BypassAI Against Copyleaks

Lastly, we also tested the text using Copyleaks. Copyleaks doesn't assign individual scores or percentages but simply flags the text as either human or AI. Fortuitously, as the screenshot above illustrates, BypassAI managed to do what StealthWriter couldn't and secured a "Human" rating.


Comparison Between StealthWriter and BypassAI

As reflected by the screenshots above, it's clear to see the dominance of BypassAI over StealthWriter. BypassAI outplayed in all three tests against the chosen detectors with close to perfect "Human" scores for the created content. In stark contrast, StealthWriter didn't pass a single detector. The table given below provides the complete result breakdown:

AI Detector StealthWriter Results BypassAI Result
Originality.AI 18% Human 88% Human
GPTZero 10% Human 95% Human
Copyleaks Identified as AI-Written Classified as Human-Written

What conclusions should we draw from this? The findings evidently indicate that if you seek a genuinely undetectable AI writer, BypassAI is the clear choice for making your AI content undetectable. StealthWriter was repeatedly challenged when tested against renowned AI detectors, namely Copyleaks, and Originality, whereas BypassAI triumphed in all three encounters.

BypassAI not only showcases superior AI text humanization technology but also outshines StealthWriter from a usability perspective. It extends a range of advanced attributes, such as retaining the writer's initial sentiment and incorporating SEO keywords to assist users in achieving better Google rankings.

Adding to its advantages, BypassAI also provides better value for money compared to StealthWriter, with subscription plans launching at a mere $6.99 per month. In stark contrast, the most affordable offer from StealthWriter stands at $20 per month. So, whether you're managing a tight budget or simply striving for the best return on your investment, BypassAI appears to be the wiser selection.

Final Thoughts

Does StealthWriter validate its worth? Unfortunately, our review of StealthWriter conveys that this proclaimed undetectable AI writing tool doesn't live up to the hype. It faltered in our tests against every AI detector, and was handily surpassed by BypassAI. Therefore, for converting your text into stealthy AI content, you'd be better served using BypassAI over StealthWriter.

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