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  • Is BypassAI Superior to StealthGPT in Escaping AI Detection?

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StealthGPT Review: Does StealthGPT Work to Bypass AI Detectors?

StealthGPT is an AI writing tool, camouflaged to render AI-brewed content undetectable by current AI detection programs, like Copyleaks and ZeroGPT. It's utilized for various content forms ranging from essays and papers to blog posts. But the central question is, does it deliver as promised? This comprehensive review of StealthGPT aims to answer that very inquiry.

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Understanding StealthGPT

image9 (7).jpg

StealthGPT is a sophisticated AI text humanizer engineered to generate AI text that's impossible to discern. Employing natural language modeling technology paired with advanced AI algorithms, the tool adeptly "humanizes" text. This, in turn, eliminates typical indicators that a write-up is AI-authored, thereby making it seem distinctly human and well-equipped to sidestep detection tools.

The brain behind StealthGPT is Jozef Gherman, a resident of St. Petersburg, Florida. By the close of 2023, StealthGPT had demonstrated its prowess in overcoming tools such as Turnitin. In addition, the company backing StealthGPT, XYZ Inc., was successful in securing substantial funding from investors towards its development.

Examining StealthGPT's Features

Core functionalities of StealthGPT encompass:

  • AI-driven content production that is virtually indistinguishable, delivering up to 2,000 words each time
  • Defeats AI discovery tools such as GPTZero, Winston AI, and Turnitin
  • Improves coherence and readability
  • Premium corporate-centric features catered for business purposes

Can StealthGPT Successfully Evade AI Detection?

Naturally, a predominant question that many people ask about undetectable AI authors like StealthGPT is "Do they genuinely function?" To ascertain this, we chose to evaluate this application against three of the leading AI detection systems: Originality.AI, GPTZero, and Copyleaks. We initiated the trial by crafting some AI-generated writings as a sample.

image3 (3).jpg

We then transcribed the AI-created text into StealthGPT and requested it to render the text more human-like. Following logic, this process should form a "human" caliber article that would supposedly evade AI detectors, as per StealthGPT's promises. To confirm its effectiveness, we proceeded to analyze that transcription with our detectors. Interestingly, here's what StealthGPT produced:

image8 (5).jpg

StealthGPT Against Originality.AI

Regrettably, the trial does not begin favorably for StealthGPT. The image above illustrates how it utterly failed to overcome Originality.AI's detection, getting classified as largely AI-derived, rather than human-written, with a low score of just 8% for original (Human) content.

image4 (3).jpg

StealthGPT Versus GPTZero

StealthGPT continues to falter in living up to its hyped advertising claims. A test ran on GPTZero returned the text as being 97% AI-produced, illustrating that this tool is not able to consistently outperform this AI detection system.

image6 (4).jpg

StealthGPT Versus Copyleaks

It's a similar tale with the Copyleaks AI detector - StealthGPT's output is predominantly judged as AI-generated, rather than being authentically human-created.

image11 (3).jpg

A Superior Substitute to StealthGPT: BypassAI


Our evaluation reveals that StealthGPT fails to consistently supply reliably human-like, stealthy AI content. Thus, shifting from it to a more potent and trustworthy tool could be advisable. In such a scenario, BypassAI may be your ideal choice.

Contrary to StealthGPT, which encounters difficulty in evading detection, BypassAI continually demonstrates its ability to humanize text crafted by AI tools such as ChatGPT, Bard, Jasper, and more. It has shown an exceptional capacity to bypass all major detection systems, including GPTZero and Originality.ai.

Employing leading-edge AI text humanization techniques, the content generated by BypassAI doesn't merely sidestep AI detection - it appears undoubtedly human-authored. The content is high-quality, original, and devoid of plagiarism, so users can relax without concerns regarding penalties or repercussions.

Notable Features of BypassAI

Foremost features offered by BypassAI consist of:

  • Overcoming all leading AI detectors, such as Originality.ai and GPTZero
  • Humanization of any AI-generated content
  • Achieving perfect 100% human attributions in detection systems
  • Maintaining the original sense of your content
  • Offering a choice from multiple bypass modes
  • Content optimization focused on SEO
  • Incorporated AI detection
  • Rewriting and humanizing AI content in 50+ languages

Is BypassAI Superior to StealthGPT in Escaping AI Detection?

Following the outline, we should assess whether BypassAI outperforms StealthGPT. We will replicate the same trial method described above for StealthGPT. The single deviation is that we tasked BypassAI with humanizing the AI-produced text. Subsequently, we filtered that text through the identical three AI scanners to gauge its effectiveness.

Here's a view of the text BypassAI generated, based on the initial AI-created input:


BypassAI Versus Originality.AI

As can be seen from this image, BypassAI significantly outperformed StealthGPT at making the text appear more human-like. It secured a near perfect 93% human assessment from Originality.AI, which currently ranks among the most effective and trustworthy AI detectors. This result clearly illustrates the potent ability of BypassAI to surpass detection systems.

image1 (4).jpg

BypassAI Versus GPTZero

In the subsequent trial, BypassAI wowed us again. It smoothly bypassed GPTZero’s sophisticated AI scanners, with GPTZero judging the entered text as thoroughly human-composed. This recurring success verifies BypassAI's ability, unlike StealthGPT, to genuinely uphold its claims of being capable of outsmarting AI detectors.

image2 (3).jpg

BypassAI Versus Copyleaks

Lastly, from the third AI scan using Copyleaks, the results confirm that BypassAI can, once again, successfully evade AI detection technology. Known for its remarkable ability to identify AI-composed or rewritten content, Copyleaks was entirely misled by BypassAI during our tests. This provides definitive evidence that BypassAI surpasses StealthGPT in effectiveness.

image7 (4).jpg

Comparing StealthGPT and BypassAI

Our test outcomes are unequivocal. Both StealthGPT and BypassAI declare their capacity to bypass major detectors, such as Originality.AI and ZeroGPT; however, only BypassAI validated its claims in our tests. BypassAI significantly outperformed StealthGPT in the scans, featuring much more human-like results and significantly fewer AI detections, as demonstrated in the following table:

AI Detector StealthGPT Scores BypassAI Scores
Originality.AI 8% Human 93% Human
GPTZero 3% Human 100% Human
Copyleaks Identified as AI-Generated Determined as Human-Written

In essence, these results demonstrate that users should place more trust in BypassAI to help them successfully circumvent major AI detectors. It proves to be a significantly more trustworthy and efficient tool in general. In contrast, StealthGPT - in spite of its grand claims of being one of the premier undetectable writing tools - fell short against all three detectors in our tests.

It’s also noteworthy to mention that BypassAI and StealthGPT diverge in other areas, such as cost. Pricing for the most affordable plan for StealthGPT begins at $14.99 per month (the cost of the Essential plan), whereas BypassAI is available for as low as $6.99 per month (costing under the BypassAI Basic plan).


Ultimately, it appears that StealthGPT may not fulfill the expectations it sets with its exaggerated claims. It has been unable to deliver on its promises, as it is incapable of bypassing several top AI detection platforms, based on our testing outcomes.

In light of our tests, StealthGPT simply isn’t reliable enough for either personal or professional usage, and users would be better served by a more robust alternative, such as BypassAI, to assist them in outsmarting AI content detection systems in the future.

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