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8 Best Methods to Humanize AI Text and Make It Undetectable

While online generative AI tools such as ChatGPT are capable of making readable and understandable content, their outputs can also easily get detected as AI-generated by many tools.

If you're looking to make AI content undetectable, or "humanize AI text", you've come to the right place. Here are some of the most efficient ways you can humanize AI text no matter what topic you're writing about. With these tips in hand, you can turn the average AI content piece into something that is undetectable and feels genuine to read.

What Makes Text "Humanized"?

Before we jump into how you can humanize your AI-generated content, we first need to understand what a "humanized" text looks like. To do this, we first need to understand how AI-generated content is typically structured, and what this means whenever we type in a prompt to a tool such as ChatGPT.

To put it briefly, AI-generated content is generated in such a way that a trained eye (or AI detector tool) can easily detect it as such. AI-generated text is typically formal, follows a bland and often monotonous tone, and typically employs little to no creative writing styles or elements that would make it seem like a human wrote it.

So, then, "humanized" AI text means the text has been edited in such a way that neither readers nor AI detection tools can easily spot it as such. There are multiple ways to humanize AI text (as you'll see later in this article), but for most of them, the process involves giving the text more dynamic and conversational elements, as well as possibly changing some sentence patterns within it.

Best Methods to Humanize AI Text

There are many ways to humanize your AI text, with some involving a little more effort than others. From one-click solutions to more involved methods, the following tricks should be used as needed, and if possible, alongside each other.

Recommended Option: Use an AI Humanizer

The quickest way to humanize AI text is through the use of an AI humanizer such as Bypass AI. BypassAI simply takes in AI-generated text as input and humanizes it for you, producing text that is undetectable to both readers and AI detection software.

Bypass AI Sample

Among the methods presented here, BypassAI and other tools like it offer the most convenient solution no matter what you're working on, as it requires little to no extra effort on your end. It can effectively help you bypass most AI detectors, such as GPTZero, ZeroGPT, Copyleaks, Scribbr, Content at Scale, and so on.

Choose a Unique Writing Style

One of the most effective ways to humanize AI text is by choosing and employing a certain writing style for your content. Because AI-generated text is usually formal, neutral in tone by default, you can change your prompts to include something like "write it in a casual tone" or "use a conversational writing style." This will result in your text appearing more likely to be written by humans.

Simplify Your Sentences

AI-generated text often includes complex and lengthy sentences. Depending on the type of content you want to write, this isn't necessarily a bad thing, but it does result in making your text feel less human and more AI-generated.

By breaking down complex sentences into simpler, more manageable ones, you make it easier for readers to understand the topic you're discussing while also making it appear more human.

Use Personal Experiences and Stories

Of all the capabilities that generative AI currently boasts, it cannot generate something personal. It builds upon existing data that are public. Because of this, adding personal stories to your content will make it appear much more human, as you will improve your writing by offering something that AI cannot—a human experience.

Fit the Text to Your Context

AI itself is unlikely to generate context-specific content. So to make it undetectable, you can try editing information inside the text to make it related to your narrative, or add more relevant details This means ensuring your text maintains a consistent narrative, stays on topic, and doesn't introduce irrelevant information.

Incorporating Slang and Idioms

Colloquial language, slang, and idioms are more common in human communication, but they are less likelyIncluding more into your text can make it sound more human-like, as these elements are common in informal human communication but less common in AI-generated text.

Combine Human and AI Writing

If you're confident enough with your own writing skills, you can combine AI-generated text with your own content. This gives you a nice balance between fast and reliable AI-generated content and more personalized, nuanced human-written content.

You can take it a step further and use both human and AI writing interchangeably. Instead of simply dedicating one section of your article to AI and one to your own work, you can instead generate AI text first and insert your own input between the sentences and paragraphs.

Implementing Spell and Grammar Mistakes

This method is for the sake of bypassing AI detections only, and we don't recommend you use it as it impairs your writing quality. But if you're still interested in this, introducing occasional spelling or grammar mistakes can make AI-generated text seem more human, as AI rarely makes these mistakes. This should be done sparingly, however, as excessive errors can also be a giveaway.

Reasons to Humanize AI Text

Humanizing your AI text can be beneficial in several ways. There are two reasons for doing so: to improve the overall quality of your content and to prevent AI tools and readers from detecting it.

To Prevent Penalties

In many fields, AI-generated content is still generally frowned upon. For example, many academic institutions and businesses will use AI detectors to filter AI content. But sometimes these tools may mistakenly judge human-written text as AI-generated.

In these cases, humanizing the text can be helpful. It will make the text much more difficult to get detected, allowing you to use your generated works in anything from schoolwork to emails and much, much more.

To Improve AI-Generated Content

AI-generated content is perfectly serviceable in certain cases, but for the most part, you're usually ending up with something bland to read.

It contains all the information you need, sure, but it will probably lack a writing style of its own, contain sentences with similar lengths from start to finish, and so on. These common traits in AI-generated text can result in it being less appealing to read, depending on how the text is written.

By humanizing your AI-generated content, you can add creative elements to your works, making them more enjoyable and interesting to read.

Humanizing Text Is Easier Than You Think

With these methods shown above, it's incredibly easy to humanize AI text, whether it be through software or human editing. So whether you're writing up an essay or preparing promotional material for your brand, these tricks should give your AI text the human touch it needs.

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