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How to Bypass Copyleaks AI Detection?

The rise of AI in content creation has been nothing short of meteoric, as more and more people now depend on AI writing tools to speed up and refine their writing output. Unfortunately, many online platforms are now adopting AI detection software that scans for AI-generated content, with some blocking or even removing any AI-crafted content entirely.

In other words, if you don’t have an effective means of consistently bypassing AI detection tools like Copyleaks, then your capacity to publish content online is under threat. Luckily, it is not impossible to evade even the most sophisticated AI checkers, so we will explain how an AI humanizer tool like Bypass AI can help and what else you can do to humanize your text content.

What Is Copyleaks?


Founded back in 2015, Copyleaks is a privately-owned and venture-backed software company that is based in Stamford, Connecticut. It primarily offers plagiarism and AI detection services with the company successfully managing to raise over $6 million in seed funding to bolster its continued growth and development. As of 2023, the company has hired over 40+ employees and has an estimated annual revenue of $5 million.


Copyleaks uses machine learning and NLP approaches to detect text content likely to be generated from generative AI like ChatGPT, then provide a relatively accurate AI probability score within a matter of seconds. It can even identify if the sample text was paraphrased or mixed in with human-written text. As a result, it can be used across numerous fields such as academia, marketing, e-commerce, etc.

In addition, Copyleaks has an easy-to-use interface and is especially well-known for delivering speedy results whenever it is scanning content for signs of AI generation.

Why Bypass Copyleaks?

As impressive as AI detectors can be, knowing how to bypass them is important. After all, these tools are also prone to producing false positives. So, even if your content is human-written, they may mistakenly flag your content as artificial. However, there are also other valid reasons to consider, namely:

Affects SEO rankings

When content is flagged as AI-generated by detection software like Copyleaks, there is a high chance that it will be ranked lower in SERPs. This, in turn, negatively impacts your ability to effectively attract readers and new visitors to your site, which can reduce revenue.

AI Detection Compliance

Some sites and platforms do not permit users to submit content that is AI-written. In such cases, they will often rely on detection software like Copyleaks to scan for any AI-generated content. Using undetectable AI-written content ensures that your submissions adhere to the guidelines, allowing your work to be accepted and published without issue.

How to Bypass Copyleaks AI Detection?

As sophisticated as Copyleaks may be, there are a few methods that you can use daily that can help ensure that your AI-generated content consistently bypasses detection with ease. So, let’s break them down below.

#1. Use an AI Text Humanizer like Bypass AI


The best and easiest way to ensure your content gets past AI detectors is to humanize it, and Bypass AI can help you accomplish that in just a few clicks. This undetectable AI writer can process any AI-generated content using advanced text humanization technology to produce a human-like version of the provided text, without altering the content’s original and intended meaning.

It doesn’t matter if the content was generated from Claude, Bard, or GPT-3/GPT-4. Bypass AI goes beyond basic paraphrasing techniques to ensure the output feels as organic and authentic as any natural-sounding text. As a result, you will get highly human-like writing that can bypass even the most sophisticated detection software, be it Copyleaks, Turnitin, GPTZero, etc.

Aside from helping users evade AI detection, Bypass AI also guarantees that any content it rewrites will be original, which minimizes any risk of plagiarism. It also does well to fix and polish the final output of any grammar errors or sentence structure issues for clarity and coherence, ensuring your content is not only AI detector-proof but also professionally polished​​.

You can try out BypassAI right away for free without logging in at all. Free users can humanize up to 200 words to text out BypassAI’s capabilities, experiencing firsthand how the tool enhances and transfers AI text to a quality that mirrors natural human writing.

#2. Take A Unique Writing Approach

An alternative method to consider is opting for a more human-centric approach in your writing rather than overly relying on AI tools all the time. This will usually entail strategies such as:

  • Establishing a Brand Voice: AI writers often churn out content that sounds general and robotic, due to a lack of personalization. As a result, it becomes easy for AI detectors to identify and flag the text almost instantly. However, you can counter this by implementing a unique brand voice in your writing through genuine humor, special phrases, unique introductions or conclusions, etc.
  • Using More Active Voice: Most AI writing tools tend to generate content in passive voice, which is often the reason why a lot of AI-written text can sound robotic, overly lengthy, and less personal. This is something AI detectors typically look out for, which is why it can be a good idea to increase the use of active voice, as it can help make the sentences sound clearer, more direct, natural, and concise.
  • Hiring a Human Writer: Using AI can often be an effective means of streamlining the content writing process. However, if you have the budget, an effective strategy to avoid AI detection is to simply hire someone that you trust to consistently deliver engaging and well-written content, instead. This way, you won’t have to worry about being flagged by Copyleaks or any other AI detection tool for that matter.


The use of AI detection software like Copyleaks has undoubtedly made things difficult for content creators looking to optimize their daily workflow. However, there are multiple ways that you can use to go around the problem with Bypass AI being the best one.

All it takes is a few clicks and it will instantly rewrite any AI-generated text and make it sound more human. Just keep in mind that it also pays to implement some of the unique writing approaches that we’ve mentioned above to cover all the bases before publishing.

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