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How to Bypass AI Detection: 8 Proven Methods

Many people use AI writers these days to create content like essays, emails, blog posts, and more. But AI detectors, like Orginality.ai and GPTZero, have been trained to spot and flag content that seems to have been generated by AI. That can cause problems for people who want to be able to use AI freely, without fear of being flagged or punished for it.

Fortunately, it is possible to bypass AI detection, and you don’t necessarily have to write everything manually to do so. There are several ways you can continue to use AI writing tools without having to worry about AI detection, and this guide will show you how. So, let’s get started.

Proven Ways to Bypass AI Detection

So, we’ve seen some of the key reasons why you might like to get past AI detection. But how’s it done? Well, there are actually several different solutions you can choose to evade AI detectors every time. Let’s take a look at the best method first, followed by a few alternative options you might like to consider.

The No. 1 Method for Evading AI Detection: BypassAI

Want the easiest, most convenient, and most reliable method for bypassing AI detection? It’s simple: use AI humanizer tools like BypassAI. So, what’s BypassAI? BypassAI is an undetectable AI writer, which means it’s capable of making AI content that is undetectable by even the best AI checkers such as GPTZero, Originality.ai, Copyleaks, ZeroGPT, and more.

What's more, this undetectable AI writer is super easy to work with. Just paste your content into the box provided, press the Humanize button, and watch as BypassAI makes undetectable AI content for you.

The output text is always original, error-free, and free of any kind of plagiarism, too. It’s ready to post, publish, hand in, or use in other ways. And, best of all, BypassAI is also able to maintain the original meaning of your work. It won’t detract from the initial intent at all, allowing you to effectively get the same message across, but with different words and a more human structure.


Price-wise, BypassAI is super affordable. It's even completely free to start off, letting you test the waters with 300 free words without having to spend any cash at all. Then, when you're ready to sign up for a paid plan, there are three options to pick from, with prices starting as low as just $4.99 per month for annual subscribers.

Give Your Text a Rework

You can also go in and manually rework your text, swapping out certain words and adjusting certain phrases. You could also simply ask your chosen AI writer to rewrite or paraphrase the text for you.

Mix Things Up

AI-generated text tends to have certain key characteristics, like similar sentence lengths, structures, and word choices. So, another way you may be able to bypass AI detection is by mixing up your text, including a balanced mixture of short and long sentences, for example. You can also play around with the syntax, swapping out words for rarer alternatives.

Add Keywords Organically and Naturally

AI writers are quite effective at creating optimized blog posts and articles filled with useful keywords to help you rank highly on Google. However, they sometimes make the mistake of using keywords in an unnatural or awkward way. Try to go through and add keywords in the most organic and natural areas to make the text flow in a more human, less robotic way.

Add Anecdotes

Another smart and effective way to humanize AI text and bypass AI detection is by adding the kinds of stories and anecdotes that only a human could write. For example, you might be writing a blog post about a certain subject. You can use AI to generate the body of the text, but write your own personal anecdote as an introduction to give it a human, personal touch.

Use Human and AI Text Together

Another proven method to get past AI checkers is by using a mixture of human and AI text in your work. For example, you could write intros and conclusions yourself, and get AI to fill in the rest. Or you could write certain sections of an essay or article on your own, and then ask AI to extrapolate and lengthen your text.

Be Very Specific

AI-writing tools also tend to generalize quite a lot. They rarely provide very specific examples of things, preferring vague or general-sounding sentences and concepts. One of the best ways to therefore bypass AI detection is by making your text more specific. Go through the AI-generated output and add in specific data and details to illustrate the points being made.

Make Mistakes on Purpose (Not Recommended)

AI writers don’t always produce the most readable and engaging content, but they almost never get things wrong when it comes to spelling and grammar. They produce error-free content, and AI checkers are trained to look for that. So, you can also evade detection by adding a couple of intentional errors to your text. However, this isn’t the best idea, as it can make your text look way less professional.

Why You Want to Avoid AI Detection

First, AI writing tools were released, with the likes of ChatGPT leading the charge. These tools quickly proved popular, attracting users from around the world. Plenty of people started to use them for making all sorts of content, from long-form essays and articles to simple titles, product descriptions, and social media posts.

While many people were happy with the availability and usefulness of AI writing tools, others weren’t. Teachers and educators, for example, grew frustrated at the idea of their students using AI writers to help with essays. And professionals in certain industries, like creative writing, worried about how AI-generated content could flood the market and devalue human text.

This led to the rise of AI detectors. Designed to bring transparency to the AI industry, these tools were trained to spot the signs of AI-made content. They quickly proved popular with teachers, business owners, and other kinds of users. And there are now lots of these tools to choose from, like Copyleaks, ZeroGPT, Winston AI, and Turnitin.

The Most Common Problems with AI Detection

Clearly, AI detectors have their uses and benefits. But they also create certain new problems for many people. And that’s why so many users are eager to find ways to bypass AI detection and stop worrying about having their content flagged. Here are just some of the common detection-related issues to get around:

Penalties and Punishments for Those Who Use AI

In various fields and industries, new punishments and penalties have been introduced for people who use AI. Students, for example, can get into trouble if they use AI to aid with their work, and professional writers can be punished for handing in AI-made text. Being able to get past AI detection can help you avoid these kinds of problems.

False Positives, Even with 100% Human-Written Content

Even the best AI detectors aren’t right 100% of the time. They can make mistakes. Sometimes, you might even paste a piece of human-written text into an AI detector like Originality.AI, and it’ll say that it was made by AI. Those “false positives” can cause drama for writers, students, and other users. But, if you can bypass AI detection, you won’t have to worry.

SEO Problems for Online Businesses

Another issue with AI detection is that even Google has updated its algorithms in the wake of the AI revolution. It won’t necessarily punish you for posting AI-made text, but it will detect text that is overly repetitive or low quality, which AI posts can sometimes be. That can damage your SEO standings, but if you can bypass AI detection, and produce high quality, human-grade content, there’s no need to worry.

Use BypassAI to Reliably Bypass AI Detection

Overall, as this guide has detailed, there are several proven ways to bypass AI detection. Unfortunately, a lot of the methods listed require quite a lot of manual effort and time – in other words, you have to put in the work to change your text and make it sound more human. But, there is an easier option.

And that easy option is to use BypassAI. As explained earlier on, BypassAI is one of the best undetectable AI writers, with a super easy-to-use interface, powerful technology, and proven results. It can give you original, error-free, human-sounding output text every time. So, if you want to avoid AI detection, sign up for BypassAI today.

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